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Who we are

IPG Flexo, 100% Spanish capitalized company born in 1996, when a family decided to venture out that industry and for the latest technologies in flexography.

Since more than 15th years, big o small sized companies have trusted us to develop their own paper and packaging attractive concept able to communicate their corporative image in a striking way for their specific costumers.

Maybe is a topic, but we want and we can prove that is true. Our enterprise is able to adapt to the real needs of each costumer. We listen to the companies or campaigns targets, making personalized proposals.

That is why, in IPG Flexo we have a lot of different colors and formats and it is even possible to guess flavors and smells of the products that will be packaged with our manufactured papers.

Our Staff


Mercedes Navarro Mayo



Gema García Naranjo



Pablo García Naranjo

Technical Department Manager


Tamara Tallón Teso

Customer Service Manager

Our relationship commitment

At IPG Flexo we strive to maintain a rewarding relationship with everyone we deal with, both inside and outside our company. We believe that in order to prosper we must be a valuable resource for all the people and organizations we come into contact with – starting with our own staff, but never forgetting our customers, suppliers, banks and institutions and of course, the environment and our society.

The foundation of all this is a feeling of team-spirit, mutual support, cohesion and synergy, all of which come together to achieve optimum results for each and every task we undertake.

We believe that part of the secret of our success lies in making everyone we deal with feel like part of the team, regardless of whether or not they work directly for our company, while we strive to feel the same way when we work alongside their teams. We are just another piece of the puzzle, helping all those who work with us to reach their goals, because we understand that this is the only way for us to reach our own.

Technical Resources


  • Possibility of 3 work shifts: 222 days a year
  • We can transform 10 Tm of paper in printed bobbins ready to deliver to our clients.
  • We are able to manufacture 40,000 wrapping paper rolls per day.
  • We are able to manufacture 200,000 paper bags daily.
  • Our storage capacity is 400 Tm of paper and 50 Tm of printed paper
  • 3 days manufacture rotation if requested.


  • Printer (UTECO): Flexography printing 110 cm width and 6 colors maximum.
  • Bag produce machine: From 7 cm till 35 cm width, with window option.
  • Roll machine (ELSNER): 1 meter width and 50 meter maximum.
  • Rewinding machine: Daily productive capacity of 1,008 bobbins.
  • Plastic rewinding machine:Production capacity of 20,000 meters per shift.