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Target / Vision

Our purpose is to consolidate as an international company for supplying flexible packaging to enterprises needing to show a more attractive appearance for their products, and where the employees can work in a motivated way, to serve our customers, recommending them the best option. We intend to transmit our emotions, through our quality and service, remaining open to our customers and the society’s new needs, working to adapt to new requirements and serve the community as much as them.

Our purpose is to obtain economical profits that allow us to follow our investment in new technologies, increasing the attractive of our costumer products, creating wealth in our society and promoting the employment.

We wish that all our staff could find the motivation, performing our work and looking for the balance between the needs of all the company members, the enterprise itself, our customers, suppliers, banks and the society.

We are a motivated team with common targets, proud of our work, fearless in front of responsibility and we want to carry on so.

Our values (ADN) We are 3.0


  • We like people with projection and attitude for learning. In our business projections, we encourage the inner development: the professional career.
  • We like working as a team,with our customers, suppliers, banks and institutions, feeling happy with our daily job, and we all adding our own value to reach our goals.
  • We like learning and improving and we are open to adapt to the changes in a proactive way: flexibility.
  • We like listening to our customers to bring them value and to help them to find the best packaging material.
  • We care for the Environment, using the most respectful environmental technology, within our capabilities, and we provide everything to our customer demands for cooperating with the sustainable development.
  • Environment

    We feel committed with our world. For that reason, one of our main priorities is working to take care of the environment. Part of that commitment is obtaining from the ISO 14001 Certificate and the EMAS Regulation, both of them voluntary and achieved in 2005. The EMAS Regulation, that it is like the Environment “Oscar”, requires an annual report about our environmental behavior.

    From 2004, we are changing gradually solvent based inks for water based inks.

    Why? That is our way to reduce residues and emissions to the atmosphere, contributing to the ozone layer care.

    In 2010, the Department of Environment of the Madrid Government, granted us the second prize of the Environmental Management Award for SME.

    In addition, in 2012 we get the wood chain of custody certificate FSC® So we can guarantee every customer that request for it that our products are made of paper coming from controlled forest.

    Social Commitment

  • We desire to be happy with our job, and we know how importantreconciling familiar and professional life is. We adapt timetables, holidays, etc... as it is in our hand. Thanks to those initiatives, Fuenlabrada City Hall prized us with the SME Best Policy of Conciliation 2008 award.
  • With the ESIC Business School helping, we put into practice the Equality Act, in cooperation with the Women General Department and the Madrid Government Program “Generating changes”.
  • We like diversity and we promote it, no matter of sex, nationality, religion, etc... 75% of the directive staff is feminine.